Playing Favorites

2019.02.17 - Drew Karschner - "Playing Favorites" When it comes to our society we often look at people based on outward appearances. If someone looks rich, we prioritize them. But if someone looks poor we overlook them. James speaks directly to a culture that did just that and offers them a new way of living. James 2:1-7

Still Dreaming

2019.02.10 - Drew Karschner - "Still Dreaming..." In our nation's history one of the greatest fractures is racism. For far too long, people have shown prejudice toward people based on their skin color, background, and ethnicity. Yet when Jesus came and died for us, he declared that we are all equal. Maybe it’s time we start living that way. Ephesians 2:14

Boys Rule Girls Drool

2019.02.03 - Drew Karschner - "Boys Rule, Girls Drool" One of the greatest tensions in our culture today is the battle of sexism. Women in our culture have been abused, overlooked, and objectified. It was the same in the 1st century when Jesus came onto the scene. Yet instead of overlooking women, Jesus gave them value when they had none. He is calling us to do the same today. John 4

I Can't See It

If you have not had a chance to set some Growth Goals for the Community Group trimester, make sure to do that with your Community Group this week. There are some growth goal ideas included in the sermon discussion questions or you can’t print the list HERE and bring it to group. Set a goal, write it down, and ask each other about it through the trimester. It is one of the simplest ways of encouraging growth and seeing progress.

2019.01.27 - Drew Karschner - "I Can't See It" Division can be a tricky thing. We have a tendency to focus on the implications of our division and not the root of that division. If we want to understand why we are divided, it starts by understanding where division truly comes from. Galatians 5