Designer Sex

2017.10.01 - Drew Karschner - "Designer Sex" Sex is all around us; it’s in magazines, movies, tv shows, and many advertisements. Our culture has simplified sex into a physical act, but it was designed for so much more. God created sex to establish intimacy in our marriages. The question is how do we get back to that kind of sex? 1 Corinthians 6:16-20

Finger Pointing

At the end of the discussion questions this week there is an application question encouraging each group member to write down a growth goal for this trimester to share in their prayer group.

Make sure to bring 3x5 cards or something for them to write down their growth goal.

2017.09.24 - Drew Karschner - "Finger Pointing" Whether you're dating or married, navigating relationships can be very difficult. We often blame each other for our problems, which can cause fights and even break ups. This week we’re looking to break the myth “it's not my fault” and learning to take responsibility for the part we play in relationships. Genesis 3:8-13

The Gentlemen's Club

This week includes both Week 1 Details to cover with your group (Group ABCs, Beginning of Trimester Group Agreement, Trimester Schedule, etc) and the sermon discussion questions for this weeks sermon.  Don't try to squeeze both in.  

If you have already covered beginning of the trimester details with your group in a previous gathering, then the sermon discussion questions are included for your group to discuss this week.

2017.09.17 - Drew Karschner - "The Gentlemen's Club" Unfortunately, in our culture women are often viewed as a commodity. Some men act like you can take them, use them, and trade them for a new one. But all throughout Jesus’ ministry He elevated women in a culture that degraded them, and He calls us to live the same way. 1 Corinthians 13:11

Mr. or Mrs. Right

2017.09.10 - Drew Karschner - "Mr. or Mrs. Right" A part of the "It's Not You It's Me" series. So many people believe if they could just meet Mr. or Mrs. Right all their problems would disappear and they would live happily ever after. But this way of thinking creates trouble in our relationships. What if we decided that instead of looking for the right person, we would become the right person? 1 Corinthians 13:4-8