Matthew 6:25-34

Get Out Of My Head

If you didn't meet last week because of Easter or Spring Break, make sure to cover the following details this week:

  • Purpose of Groups: Apply the Bible, Build Relationships, Care for Each Other
  • Group Agreement
  • Volunteer Schedule
  • Start and End Dates
  • Weekly Group Meeting Schedule
  • Growth Goals

You can find each of those covered in the second page of the Sermon Discussion document this week.  The 1st page includes the sermon discussion notes for this week.

2018.04.08 - Drew Karschner- "Get out of My Head" Part 1 of the "Silent Killers" series Worry is something most people struggle with. We worry about our finances, kids, jobs, health, and so many other things. Worry is often not expressed aloud but stays in our hearts and minds. The longer our worries stay silent the more deadly they become. Matthew 6