Nehemiah 4-6

All Those Opposed

We would love for you to bring up the subject of baptism in your Community Group this week. On Sunday we announced that Northridge will have a baptism service on Sunday, March 11th.  We would love followers of Jesus who are not baptized to take that next step that day. If you have anyone in your group in that category, this is a great opportunity to encourage them to obey Jesus and get baptized.

There is a question at the end of the discussion notes for you to ask in group this week. If anyone is ready to take that next step they can signup online HERE.

Contact your Group Coach if you have any questions about this.

2018.02.18 - Aaron Hixson - "All Those Opposed" Part 4 of the "Ruined" series When it comes to working with people, there will always be someone who opposes our plan, right? 100% agreement just isn't a thing. But what do we do when God calls us to something, but people are standing in our way? At this look into Nehemiah's life, we'll see some principles of how to handle opposition practically while trusting in God's plan. Nehemiah 4-6