Gained Ground

We are encouraging Community Groups to throw a party with their group this week in celebration of what God is doing in our lives and in and through our church.

Below are general sermon discussion questions you can use to discuss any sermon.

2019.04.14 - Drew Karschner - "Gained Ground" The Bible is full of people who followed God even though it made them look foolish to the world around them. Throughout the 130 years of Northridge’s history, we have seen the faithfulness of God time and time again. Now we have the opportunity to step out in faith to see people in our community come to know Christ’s love. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Sacrificial Ground

2019.04.07 - Drew Karschner - "Sacrificial Ground" Throughout the history of the Bible, God used prompts in people’s lives to help them remember His past faithfulness and lead them toward His new plan. As we begin this new journey God is leading our church on, it’s important that we remember His past faithfulness and listen for His new prompt. Joshua 4