Checklist Before Week 1 of Group (9 Items)

We hope you have recovered from the garbage plates at Re:Group and have been able to start using some of the ideas and tools you picked up Sunday night. We are praying we may all grow in our pursuit of Christ this year as we lead and care for our group members.

Our Group Coaches met this morning to review your feedback as we plan ahead for our next Re:Group training. Thanks for helping us get better!

Now the fun begins. Groups begin next week. As we prepare for week 1, here is a checklist to help you think through details for a successful launch of your group.

1. Check Out the Portraits of a King Booklet 

Get a sneak preview of our 52 page booklet for our new series beginning this week!

2. Plan A Group Meal

Invite both new and continuing group members to bring an item for dinner as you connect your first week.

3. Contact Each Group Member

Split up your group roster among your leaders and make sure everyone gets a call before your first meeting. Emailing details is great, but the personal touch is more likely to lead to them showing up and connecting.

4. Bring A Preassigned Volunteer Schedule 

Instead of having people sign up to serve and hoping to fill each serving slot, schedule everyone ahead of time and bring the schedule to group. Every group that has done this has never gone back to asking for sign ups! 

5. Review the Group Agreement

We will include these in the online sermon discussion questions to review with your group next week!

6. Update Your Group Details on the Groups Database

People are checking out groups online this week. Make sure your group name, time, location, and description are still correct.

7. Update Your Coach on Group Changes

Have you added new leaders or new group members, or do you have group members in transition? Let your group coach know so we can update your group roster and make sure any new co-leaders have an opportunity to fill out the Group Leader Application.

8. Fill Out the Group Leader Application

If you are new to Community Group Leadership and stepping into the role this year, please fill out the Group Leader application found at the link above.

9. Pray For Your Group

We create the environment but God changes hearts. Let's show our dependence on Him as we pray for our group year!


Contact your Group Coach or search this website to find answers to your questions.

We're praying for a great year of group!

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Jason DeGraaff

Community Groups Pastor

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