3 Questions To Ask Your Group Members

We are 2/3rds of the way through our Community Group year. Our winter Community Group trimester wrapped up last week and our new trimester begins on March 24th.

As you prepare for the home stretch of your Community Group year, it is never too late to learn and make tweaks in your group to improve you and your group members experience.

At the end of the trimester, we often encourage Group Leaders to pass out an End of the Trimester Feedback form.

Another great way I have seen Group Leaders get feedback from their group is by simply asking them for feedback in an email.  In fact, here is an example of an email that the Gerringer/Heitz/Schon group sent out at the end of the fall trimester:

Would you each respond to this email with the answer to three questions? Thinking back on the past trimester:

1) Did group help you to apply the bible to your life? 

2) How can we better build relationships in group?

3) What is your next step in your faith/What is God teaching you?

I love that. What a simple way to give the people in your group the opportunity to help improve your group as well as share what God is doing in their hearts!

Thanks for your investment in your group. Enjoy the 2 week break!

Current Community Group Serving Opportunities

Cameron Community Ministries Sign Up To Serve

Cameron is an Urban Outreach Community Center in the distressed Lyell-Otis Neighborhood of Rochester, NY. Cameron offers many programs including, Youth After-School and Summer programs, a free hot meal program that serves lunch daily, an emergency food pantry, Kids Cafe nightly dinner and a clothing house that serves community members in need of clothing and housewares.


David's Refuge provides much needed respite weekends to families with children with disabilities or significant medical needs.
In conjunction with Northridge Church, David's Refuge is hosting a spring outreach event for families to attend on Saturday April 13th. 
We need volunteers to help with set up, the event itself, and clean up. Click the link below to sign up to serve.

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Jason DeGraaff

Community Groups Pastor

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