What's next for your group?

Do you have a plan for your group? Are you looking toward the future? 

It can be easy to put our heads down to just "get through" another week or another trimester. The daily routine and demand of work projects, school assignments, kids sports schedules, birthday parties, church responsibilities, and oh yeah, doing your taxes, can leave your head spinning. 

Instead of looking forward we just try to survive. 
But, if we fail to look ahead we are less likely to see progress. 

When it comes to your group, what will help your group succeed? The longer a group is together without adding new people, sharing leadership, and eventually multiplying, the more likely they are to stagnate and lose effectiveness. 

What is your next step as a group? 

4 Next Steps For Your Group 
Inviting New People - Who was the last person who joined your group because of a personal invite? Receiving names that come from those who sign up on Sunday morning is great, but the groups that thrive are the ones that are regularly inviting new people. 

Adding Co-leaders - It is impossible for you to effectively care for everyone in your group. Without co-leaders either you will be stretched too thin or your group members will not be cared for as effectively. Who in your group has the potential to be a co-leader? They don't have to be perfect, just trying to follow Jesus and love people. 

Talking About Multiplying - When was the last time you talked with your group about multiplying? Maybe you'd say, "We don't have enough people to multiply so why talk about it?" That may be true, but unless your group starts thinking about multiplication now, they will less likely be prepared to multiply when your group is ready. 

Multiplying - Have you been meeting for 18 months or longer? Are there 18 people on your roster who are somewhat consistent in attendance? If either of these are true, that is a sign that it is about time for your group to multiply. If you wait too long, your group may end up losing momentum or be less inclined to invite new people. Multiplication is difficult for every group, but those who have yet to connect with a group are thankful that someone created a place for them to experience community. 

What is your plan for your group? It may be one of these next steps. It might be another. As you prepare for the final trimester of group, make sure to discuss your plans with your co-leaders and coach. We are here to help you succeed.

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