Preparing For Your Group

Here are 2 quick reminders as we prepare for our fall Community Group trimester beginning on September 17th:

  1. Group Leader Kick-off: Sunday Night, September 10th, 5:00PM-7:15PM

    • You will be receiving an RSVP email shortly

    • Do you have any potential group leaders you'd like to invite to Kick-off? Let me know so we can send them the RSVP invite email.

  2. Community Group Trimester Dates: September 17th - November 17th

    • Group Updates/Changes?

    • Let your group coach know if your group has any changes as we move toward the fall:

      • New/Different Leaders?

        • Roster Updates?

        • Multiplication?

        • New Campus?

        • New Location?

        • New Night?

  • We'd be happy to update your groups profile online and help you think through these changes.

What questions do you have as we approach the fall? 

Praying for you as we prepare for our new groups year.

Jason DeGraaff  Groups Pastor

Jason DeGraaff

Groups Pastor