3 Keys That Will Grow Your Group Member's Faith

When you look back at the end of the group trimester what difference will being part of your Community Group make for you or your group members?

Community Groups provide a place where followers of Jesus can intentionally rub shoulders to spur each other to grow in our faith. Being part of community is essential to the faith of every follower of Jesus. We can't grow spiritually unless we connect relationally. 

While showing up to group is an important part of shaping and influencing our faith, there are 3 things we as Group Leaders can do to increase our impact and help those in our group become more like Christ.

1. Focus On Your Own Growth

As a Group Leader you set the spiritual tone for your group. The more you love God, the more likely you'll influence those around you to grow in love for God.

None of us have arrived, we all have areas we can grow in intimacy with God and love for others. Your group members are not more likely to grow because you've got it all together; none of us have arrived. They'll grow as you share with them your own struggles, and as they watch you surrender them to God and see God transform you. 

Watching God transform your own life may be the greatest catalyst to transform their own. 

2. Focus On One Person

As we mentioned at our Group Leader Kick-off, as you begin the group year, focus your attention on one person: either one person you can invite to group, you can develop as a leader, you can counsel, or one person you can disciple. 

Don't let the needs of many keep you from doing anything for anyone.

Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.

Who is your one? Who can you focus your attention on this trimester? What can you do for one person what you wish you could do for everyone in your group? Take a moment to think of one person you can focus on and begin to pray for them and how God might use you to influence them this year.

Miss the Group Leader Kickoff? Want a refresher? Watch here:

3. Focus On One Next Step

One practical step each of us can take at the beginning of each trimester is to focus our attention on one step we can take to grow in our faith and then share it with our group members so they can keep us accountable on taking that next step.

In fact, in our prayer time in group this next week we will include a question to discuss with your group members to identify one area they want to grow this year. Whether it is baptism, serving the church or outside of the church, reading the Bible daily, praying more consistently, replacing a bad habit with a good habit, or giving more generously, we all have steps we can take to be more like Christ.

Make sure to have each person in your group identify a next step they want to take to grow in their faith this fall, have them write it down, and then ask each other throughout the trimester about your progress.

Thanks for creating environments where more people can grow to be more like Jesus. Let us know if you have any questions or any way we can be of help along the way. 


Jason DeGraaff
Community Groups Pastor
Life is better connected!