How To Help Your Group Pray For Each Other

Do your Community Group members pray for each other outside of a group? Do you send a list of prayer requests to your group members each week?  If so, do they read them and pray for them?

If you haven't had a chance to use the PrayerMate App, this is an excellent tool to both track requests and remind you to be praying for your group members and everything else you want to pray for.

Watch this video on how the PrayerMate App works:

Ever told someone "I'll pray for you!" and then quickly forgot? This video shows how the free PrayerMate mobile app can help you pray more faithfully.

Download the PrayerMate App HERE.

PrayerMate's goals are to:

  1. Help people to actually pray
  2. Teach people how to pray in line with biblical principles and priorities
  3. Providing timely information about specific needs so that they can pray informed prayers

HERE is a link to try the new "PrayerMate Share" feature for groups. (Beta Version) 

They would love our feedback to see how it works and what suggestions we have to improve that feature.

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