8 Action Items For A Strong Group Start

Our new Community Group trimester begins in 4 days.

As we prepare for a new groups year, here are 8 action items to make sure your group gets off to a strong start!

8 Action Items For A Strong Group Start

1. Pray for your group

2. Plan a group meal for week 1

3. Communicate trimester details to everyone in your group

4. Call and text all new or prospective group members

5. Prepare a preassigned volunteer schedule: www.NorthridgeLeaders.com/volunteer-schedule-template

6. Review group agreements http://bit.ly/CGAgreement (Will be included with Sermon Discussion Questions)

7. Bring and fill out Growth Goal Cards https://www.northridgeleaders.com/growth-goals

8. Update your coach on group changes

New Leaders or Apprentice Leaders Next Steps

1. Bookmark the Group Leaders website www.NorthridgeLeaders.com

2. Access Group Vitals database www.NorthridgeLeaders.com/database/

3. Fill out the Group Leader Application www.NorthridgeLeaders.com/new-leaders

Thanks for joining us for Re:Group Sunday night! We'll be posting the video from large group and audio from breakouts soon!

Oh, and if you are still trying to figure out your lock combination from the Re:Group game, this may help :) Lock Combos

We are praying for and with you this week!


Jason DeGraaff

Community Groups Pastor

Life is better connected!