Luke 24:1-6

Stronger Stuff

Whether or not you are discussing the sermon in your group this week, make sure to review the following items with your group:

  • Purpose of Groups: Apply the Bible, Build Relationships, Care for Each Other
  • Group Agreement
  • Volunteer Schedule
  • Start and End Dates
  • Weekly Group Meeting Schedule
  • Growth Goals

You can find each of those covered in the first page of the Sermon Discussion document this week.  The 2nd page includes the sermon discussion notes for the Easter Sermon.

2018.04.01 - Drew Karschner- "Stronger Stuff" Part 3 of the "Overflow" series Sometimes in life you run into a problem or circumstance that is more than you can handle on your own. You used all of your strength and it wasn’t enough. You gave it all you had. The truth is, you need someone or something stronger. With the greatest act of generosity, God gave us His Son and through His death and resurrection we have access to much stronger stuff. Luke 24:1-6