The King's Ultimatum

2018.12.09 - Drew Karschner - "The King’s Ultimatum" Jesus never shied away from who He was. He claimed to be the Son of God and that angered many religious people. And with His claim, He gave people a choice. It was clear and simple: believe what He said or reject it. There has never been a middle ground. Luke 4:14-15


2018.12.02 - Drew Karschner - "Beyond" In a culture that is all about getting, we want to be a church that is all about giving. But it should go beyond just giving money to showing love to the people around us and throughout the world. This week we’ll look beyond the walls of our church to serve and give to our community and world. John 13:34-35

Called To Work

2018.11.25 - Jonathan Walters - "Called To Work" Work can be the worst - constant deadlines, a relentless boss, annoying co-workers, day after day, week after week. But what if God has a greater purpose in our daily grind? What if our work was our loudest worship? What if our work was all about serving others? What if our work was an answer to our highest calling? God has called each of us to work - it is here that we find our true purpose in His great story. Gen.1:1, Matt.25:14-29; Rev. 21:3-5


2018.11.18 - Drew Karschner - "Royals" A part of the "Chosen" sermon series. One of things that impacts our lives the most is who raised us and how they raised us. It determines so much of how we think and act, our beliefs, and our overall outlook on life. When it comes to the gospel one of the greatest benefits is who your heavenly Father is. When we truly understand who we belong to it’s a game changer. 1 Peter 2:9


This is the last week of the Fall Community Group Trimester.

Make sure to take some time to receive feedback from your group members about their experience in your group this trimester.

They can share what they loved and any suggestions for group on a 3x5 card or by filling out the “End of Trimester Feedback Form”. Click on the button below and print out copies for your group.

2018.11.11 - Drew Karschner - "Ratification" Most people have heard the expression “It's not over until the fat lady sings.” That was true about the gospel. Jesus was dead and lying in a tomb, and it felt over, but it wasn’t. Our future literally hung in the balance for three days. Then Jesus’ payment for ours sins was ratified when He defeated death and rose from the grave. Romans 5:8


2018.11.04 - Drew Karschner - "Redemption" Everything in life has value, and that value is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it. The problem for mankind is that sin made us not very valuable. But God saw us differently and paid a steep price for us, even though we are unworthy. 2 Corinthians 5:21


2018.10.28 - Drew Karschner - "Rejected" No one likes to be rejected, but we all have been at some point in our lives. Whether it was part of the job search process, an old boyfriend or girlfriend, or not getting picked for the team, we all know how rejection feels. But all of us are born rejecting God through Adam’s sin. Yet despite our rejection of Him, He has chosen to love us. Genesis 1

Redemption At A Cost

2018.10.21 - Drew Karschner - "Redemption at a Cost" Part 6 of 6 of the "Portraits of a King" Series Sin can be fun, exciting, and provide the thrill that we desire. That is often why we choose it. Yet sin can give us tunnel vision where we see the thrill, but miss the pain and cost that follows. David didn’t understand that until Nathan called him out, and David has had to deal with the cost of his decisions. David realized sin is never worth the price we must pay for it. 2 Samuel 12

The Fallen

2018.10.14 - Drew Karschner - "The Fallen" Part 5 of 6 of the "Portraits of a King" Series Even the greatest leaders can make terrible choices. In this portrait of David he makes one of the most costly decisions of his life. No matter what position you hold or how great your life is, you are only one choice away from losing it all. Sin is powerful and it can cost you greatly; David found this out the hard way. 2 Samuel 11

No Cutting Corners

If you have not yet had an opportunity to set growth goals with your group members, this could be a great week to do that. See a list of growth goals by clicking the button below.

2018.10.07 - Drew Karschner - "No Cutting Corners" Part 4 of 6 of the "Portraits of a King" Series Leadership is one of the most actively discussed topics in our world today. Many of us strive to lead in our homes, businesses, jobs, schools, and the places we go. But do we truly understand the character traits a real leader has? In one of the most pivotal decisions in David’s life he shows us the marks of a real leader. 1 Samuel 24

Best Friends Forever

2018.09.30 - Drew Karschner - "Best Friends Forever" Part 3 of 6 of the "Portraits of a King" Series Unfortunately, in a culture with texting and social media, many of us have lost the value of true community. We only get so close to people because we don’t like being vulnerable and putting ourselves out there. David puts his life on the line and in the end, he discovers the value of true friendship - something that has gone missing in many of our lives. 1 Samuel 20

How To Kill A Giant

This is a great week to discuss a growth goal with each of your group members during prayer time. As you set a goal you can discuss it with each other throughout the trimester to help each of you progress in your faith. You can find a list of growth goals in the discussion guides below.

2018.09.22 - Drew Karschner - "The Chosen One" Part 2 of 6 of the The Chosen One Series Many of us want to be a giant slayer. We want to be David in the battle against Goliath. But most of us aren’t willing to watch sheep to prepare for the battle. The truth is, most battles we face are not won on the battlefield, they are won way before the battle begins. David teaches us how we can prepare for the battle so we are ready to face the giants in life. 1 Samuel 17

The Chosen One

Included below are Week 1 details to cover with your group, like the group agreement, volunteer schedules, and overview of how groups work to help new people get acquainted with group. The notes also include the sermon discussion questions for this week.

2018.09.16 - Drew Karschner - "The Chosen One" Part 1 of 6 of the The Chosen One Series David is one of the greatest heroes of the Bible. He was given the title “a man after God’s own heart.” But that doesn’t mean he didn’t face trials, deal with struggles, and make poor choices. All through his journey we find portraits of people who chose him, encouraged him, tried to kill him, and ultimately pushed him to God’s purpose for his life. 1 Samuel 16

Small Church

2018.09.09 - Drew Karschner - "Small Church" Part 1 of 1 of the Small Church Series It can be easy to feel lost in the crowd at a growing church, or to feel like no one even notices you. As our church grows larger, the more intentional we have to be at making it feel smaller. We are resetting expectations for Community Groups and helping people explore and join authentic biblical community. Genesis 2:18

Under Pressure

2018.09.02 - Aaron Hixson - "Under Pressure" Part 5 of the "In Other Words" series. How do you perform when the pressure's on? The process of growing spiritually can be a daunting thing. The pressure "be more like Jesus" can feel like it's never-ending and impossible. Today's word is all about spiritual growth and how to handle life when the pressure builds. 2 Corinthians 3:18


2018.08.26 - Nate Miller - "Incarnation" Part 4 of the "In Other Words" series. In this message we will unpack 2 very important truths about Jesus that help us understand and appreciate the incarnation. Jesus' example is also a reminder and challenge to us for how we are called to live. The way up is down! Philippians 2:5-11


2018.08.19 - Nate Logan - "Know-It-All" Part 3 of the "In Other Words" series. We don't have everything figured out. Throughout our lives, we are constantly learning and discovering new information. But God is unique, and one of his attributes is omniscience. He knows everything, and this has profound implications for our lives. 1 John 3:19-21

You Break It, You Buy It

2018.08.12 - Scott Bixby - "You Break It, You Buy It" Part 2 of the "In Other Words" series. This talk examines multiple visual illustrations God gave his people in the Old & New Testaments as reminders of their atonement. Somebodies gotta pay for all our wrongs. We broke it. He fixed it and provided us with visual reminders of his fix! Leviticus 16


2018.08.04 - Aaron Hixson - "Salvation" Part 1 of the "In Other Words" series. Have you ever heard about someone "getting saved" and wondered what that even means? I mean, saved from what? Salvation is a word that's used A LOT in church, but it's hard to know if people really grasp its significance. In this talk, we explore not only what the word MEANS, but more importantly, what it means FOR US. Acts 16:30-31

The Power of Song

2018.07.29 - Nathan Bantle - "The Power of Song" Part 5 of the "Songs of Summer" series. The Psalms were the worship songs for Israel during King David’s day and Jesus referenced these Psalms more than any other book in the Old Testament. He referenced them when He was being hated without cause, when preparing for His betrayal, and when He was dying on the cross. Just as Jesus used the worship songs of His day during His deepest and darkest moments in the same way we too can use the worship songs of our day. Music can impress truths about God into our hearts like nothing else can. Psalm 22:1