You Break It, You Buy It

2018.08.12 - Scott Bixby - "You Break It, You Buy It" Part 2 of the "In Other Words" series. This talk examines multiple visual illustrations God gave his people in the Old & New Testaments as reminders of their atonement. Somebodies gotta pay for all our wrongs. We broke it. He fixed it and provided us with visual reminders of his fix! Leviticus 16


2018.08.04 - Aaron Hixson - "Salvation" Part 1 of the "In Other Words" series. Have you ever heard about someone "getting saved" and wondered what that even means? I mean, saved from what? Salvation is a word that's used A LOT in church, but it's hard to know if people really grasp its significance. In this talk, we explore not only what the word MEANS, but more importantly, what it means FOR US. Acts 16:30-31

The Power of Song

2018.07.29 - Nathan Bantle - "The Power of Song" Part 5 of the "Songs of Summer" series. The Psalms were the worship songs for Israel during King David’s day and Jesus referenced these Psalms more than any other book in the Old Testament. He referenced them when He was being hated without cause, when preparing for His betrayal, and when He was dying on the cross. Just as Jesus used the worship songs of His day during His deepest and darkest moments in the same way we too can use the worship songs of our day. Music can impress truths about God into our hearts like nothing else can. Psalm 22:1

A Song For The Discouraged

2018.07.22 - Matt Snyder - "A Song for the Discouraged" Part 4 of the "Songs of Summer" series. Why is this world so messed up? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do good things happen to bad people? We all face these questions at points in our lives, and often the answers we get don't quite seem to cut it. Maybe there's a better answer to those questions. Psalm 73

Earth Song

2018.07.08 - Aaron Hixson - "EarthSong" Part 2 of the "Songs of Summer" series. How does God talk to us? Does He talk to us? For most of us, it can seem like God is a man of few words. But what if He's saying more than we realize, and His voice is coming from an unexpected place? In this Psalm, we'll unpack the voice of God and see how we can hear Him in our everyday life. Psalm 19

A Song For Our Good

2018.07.01 - Joshua Horn - "A Song for Our Good" Part 1 of the "Songs of Summer" series Psalm 146 declares that God is beyond space and time, yet he also cares about those who are hurting, even down to our everyday problems. But how do we reconcile this with the pain and suffering we see every day on the news? Could we be missing something about God's methods for addressing the pain in our world? Psalm 146


2018.06.17 - Nate Miller- "IOU" Part 3 of the "Triggered" series "IOU" That's how we typically think of forgiveness. "I owe you. I'll pay you back later." But what if that's not right? What if there's a different, better meaning? If we are going to be able to live at peace with others in relationships we have to understand what forgiveness truly means. Ephesians 4: 29-32


2018.06.17 - Drew Karschner - "Danger!" Part 2 of the "Triggered" series Most of the conflicts we experience are rooted in anger. Anger can lead us and our relationships to places we don’t want to go. But how do we deal with those situations when our anger surfaces? We must learn that anger is not wrong, but if it is untamed it can be destructive. Ephesians 4

Peace > War

2018.06.10 - Drew Karschner - "Peace > War" Part 1 of the "Triggered" series Since we are all in relationships we have all experienced conflict. In a moment of conflict we all have a choice to learn and grow from it or let it destroy our relationship. One way we can grow from conflict is by letting go of being right. Perhaps fighting for the relationship is more important than fighting for your side of the argument. Ephesians 4

Utter Devotion

2018.06.03 - Drew Karschner - "Utter Devotion" Part 5 of the "Sacred Rhythms" series Prayer is one of the most powerful tools God has given us, yet few of us treat it that way. We often pray when we need or want something, but prayer hasn’t become a part of our everyday lives. But the Bible says the rhythm of prayer should never stop. It should be something we are constantly interacting with. So how do we make prayer a real part of our daily lives? Daniel 6

That Special Place

2018.05.27 - Drew Karschner - "That Special Place" Part 4 of the "Sacred Rhythms" series We live in a culture that claims that business is best. Many people work sunup to sundown and take very few breaks. But that type of lifestyle can only last for so long and it will leave many of us burned out. From the beginning, the God of creation set the priority for the rhythm of rest. The question is, are we choosing to live the same way? Genesis 2

Living Sacrifice

This is the last week of the Community Group trimester. This is a great week to share a meal together as you wrap up the trimester.

Make sure to share with your group what your summer plans are and have your group fill out an end of the Trimester Feedback form so you can learn ways to help make your group more effective in the fall.

2018.05.20 - Drew Karschner - "Living Sacrifice" Part 3 of the "Sacred Rhythms" series When many people hear the word worship, they simplify it to singing a few songs before a message in church on a Sunday morning. But God defines worship at a much deeper level. In God’s eyes, worship has nothing to do with an activity, but everything to do with the posture of our hearts. Romans 12:1


2018.05.13 - Aaron Hixson - "Gifted" Part 2 of the "Sacred Rhythms" series It seems like our culture is obsessed with "changing the world," whatever that means. Yet for most of us, we're too busy trying to stay alive to worry about fixing global problems. But what if it turned out that each one of us possesses something that is VITAL to the future success of God's mission on earth? And what if we kept that power to ourselves? This Sacred Rhythm is all about discovering our unique capacity and how holding it back might just be stealing from the church. 1 Peter 4:10

Soul Food

As we discuss this sermon series on rhythms this may be a good opportunity to review your Growth Goals with your group members and how each of you are progressing.

There are just 3 weeks left of our Community Group trimester.

2018.05.06 - Drew Karschner - "Soul Food" Part 1 of the "Sacred Rhythms" series When it comes to following Christ, most of what we know about who God is and what He wants for us it built upon one source: the Bible. But how much do we value God’s holy and flawless Word? Is it something we can’t live without, or have we become numb to its power? Spending time in God’s word is a rhythm in life we can’t afford to live without. John 5:39

Hidden In The Shadows


This is a great week to celebrate Communion in group as you discuss God's forgiveness and grace in spite of our sin and shame. Take a few minutes at the end of discussion and before prayer time to talk about how the Gospel relates to our shame and celebrate Communion.

2018.04.29 - Drew Karschner - "Hidden in the Shadows" Part 4 of the "Silent Killers" series In many situations, the guilty and the innocent have one thing in common: shame. Shame is a burden that many of us carry and it leads us to believe the lies of the enemy. Satan would like us to keep it to ourselves, but God longs to heal what He brings to the light. Matthew 26

When God Doesn't Come Through

2018.04.22 - Drew Karschner - "When God Doesn’t Come Through" Part 3 of the "Silent Killers" series Being let down by someone we care about can be devastating. We expected them to come through, but they didn’t. Although we may not realize it, expectations carry a heavy weight that often isn’t communicated. And if they are kept silent for too long, they can be deadly to our relationships. Matthew 26

Not Today

2018.04.15 - Drew Karschner- "Not Today" Part 2 of the "Silent Killers" series How you feel about yourself and your life is important. Many people live life without hope for themselves or the life they are living. They wonder if they were gone if anyone would even notice, and thoughts like this consume them. If these thoughts stay hidden long enough, the cost can be great.

Get Out Of My Head

If you didn't meet last week because of Easter or Spring Break, make sure to cover the following details this week:

  • Purpose of Groups: Apply the Bible, Build Relationships, Care for Each Other
  • Group Agreement
  • Volunteer Schedule
  • Start and End Dates
  • Weekly Group Meeting Schedule
  • Growth Goals

You can find each of those covered in the second page of the Sermon Discussion document this week.  The 1st page includes the sermon discussion notes for this week.

2018.04.08 - Drew Karschner- "Get out of My Head" Part 1 of the "Silent Killers" series Worry is something most people struggle with. We worry about our finances, kids, jobs, health, and so many other things. Worry is often not expressed aloud but stays in our hearts and minds. The longer our worries stay silent the more deadly they become. Matthew 6

Stronger Stuff

Whether or not you are discussing the sermon in your group this week, make sure to review the following items with your group:

  • Purpose of Groups: Apply the Bible, Build Relationships, Care for Each Other
  • Group Agreement
  • Volunteer Schedule
  • Start and End Dates
  • Weekly Group Meeting Schedule
  • Growth Goals

You can find each of those covered in the first page of the Sermon Discussion document this week.  The 2nd page includes the sermon discussion notes for the Easter Sermon.

2018.04.01 - Drew Karschner- "Stronger Stuff" Part 3 of the "Overflow" series Sometimes in life you run into a problem or circumstance that is more than you can handle on your own. You used all of your strength and it wasn’t enough. You gave it all you had. The truth is, you need someone or something stronger. With the greatest act of generosity, God gave us His Son and through His death and resurrection we have access to much stronger stuff. Luke 24:1-6