Still Rolling Stones

2019.04.21 - Drew Karschner - "Still Rolling Stones" Most people know the Easter story, but many haven’t felt and experienced the impact it can have on their everyday life. On Easter we celebrate Jesus conquering the grave and defeating death. And the truth is, this was one of many stones throughout history that Jesus rolled back. John 11

Gained Ground

We are encouraging Community Groups to throw a party with their group this week in celebration of what God is doing in our lives and in and through our church.

Below are general sermon discussion questions you can use to discuss any sermon.

2019.04.14 - Drew Karschner - "Gained Ground" The Bible is full of people who followed God even though it made them look foolish to the world around them. Throughout the 130 years of Northridge’s history, we have seen the faithfulness of God time and time again. Now we have the opportunity to step out in faith to see people in our community come to know Christ’s love. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Sacrificial Ground

2019.04.07 - Drew Karschner - "Sacrificial Ground" Throughout the history of the Bible, God used prompts in people’s lives to help them remember His past faithfulness and lead them toward His new plan. As we begin this new journey God is leading our church on, it’s important that we remember His past faithfulness and listen for His new prompt. Joshua 4

Missional Ground

If you didn’t get a chance to discuss growth goals with your Community Group last week, make sure to take a few minutes during prayer time to have everyone in your group set a growth goal for the trimester. See a list of growth goals below.

If using the Gaining Ground Booklet for discussion, the discussion questions for weeks 1 and 2 are in the wrong order. Make sure you use the questions on page 28.

2019.03.31 - Drew Karschner - "Missional Ground" Jesus said He would build His Church, but do we really understand what His Church is? God’s Church has always been about and for people. As we look ahead into our future we can’t forget that this is, and always has been, about people. Matthew 16:18

Physical Ground

This is week 1 of our new series Gaining Ground and our Spring Community Group Trimester.

Make sure to review the “Beginning of Trimester Agreement” and Set “Growth Goals” with your Community Group this week in addition to discussing the sermon.

You can find the sermon discussion questions in the Gaining Ground Booklet handed out on Sunday as well as via the links provided below.

Important note:

week 1 and week 2 sermon discussion questions are listed in the wrong order in the booklet.

If using the booklet, Please use the questions on page 32 for Week 1 and the questions on page 28 for week 2

2019.03.24 - Drew Karschner - "Physical Ground" Jesus said He will build his church, and yet He invites us to be a part of that story. As a church, we are always looking for ways to fulfill our mission of more and better. As we follow God’s lead, He has led us to physical ground for our Webster campus to continue fulfilling the mission He gave us. The question is, will you be a part of it? Matthew 16

Mercy Given, Mercy Abused


2019.03.17 - Drew Karschner - "Mercy Given, Mercy Abused" God is rich in mercy. We love to be on the receiving end of His mercy, yet sometimes we don’t like when He extends mercy to others. Jonah was caught in that trap. He couldn’t celebrate what God was doing, because he was blinded by his selfishness. May we fight to avoid that same trap. Jonah 4

Trying That Again

While Community Groups are on break over the next 2 weeks, we would encourage you to connect with your group through text messages, coffee dates, inviting a few people over for dinner from your group, finding a serving opportunity, or simply sitting together in a service on Sunday. Enjoy your break!

2019.03.10 - Aaron Hixson - "Trying that again..." Ever wanted a second chance? In this chapter, Jonah gets his second shot at obedience, and something happens that far exceeds his expectations. God can show more mercy than we think is possible, and there is nothing better than being on the receiving end of that mercy. But what happens what that mercy is extended to an enemy? We'll evaluate our reaction to God's liberal mercy and what that means for our everyday lives. Jonah 3

Swallowed by Mercy


2019.03.03 - Aaron Hixson - "Swallowed By Mercy" Rock Bottom. You've been there, or you know someone who is there. It's nobody's definition of a good time. Yet, almost anyone will say that their lowest experience is one that left them changed - often for the better. This week, we're taking a dive into Jonah's lowest moment, and what God did in his heart when all seemed lost. Jonah 2

Running Man

There are just 2 weeks left in the group trimester. We’d encourage your group to celebrate communion together either this week or next week as we focus on God’s mercy in this sermon series.

2019.02.24 - Drew Karschner - "The Running Man" Have you ever tried to run away from what God obviously called you to? Running from God at times may seem right, yet we fail to understand that we can’t outrun his pursuit of us. God, in his mercy, doesn’t pursue us to punish us, but to win us back. Jonah 1

Playing Favorites

2019.02.17 - Drew Karschner - "Playing Favorites" When it comes to our society we often look at people based on outward appearances. If someone looks rich, we prioritize them. But if someone looks poor we overlook them. James speaks directly to a culture that did just that and offers them a new way of living. James 2:1-7

Still Dreaming

2019.02.10 - Drew Karschner - "Still Dreaming..." In our nation's history one of the greatest fractures is racism. For far too long, people have shown prejudice toward people based on their skin color, background, and ethnicity. Yet when Jesus came and died for us, he declared that we are all equal. Maybe it’s time we start living that way. Ephesians 2:14

Boys Rule Girls Drool

2019.02.03 - Drew Karschner - "Boys Rule, Girls Drool" One of the greatest tensions in our culture today is the battle of sexism. Women in our culture have been abused, overlooked, and objectified. It was the same in the 1st century when Jesus came onto the scene. Yet instead of overlooking women, Jesus gave them value when they had none. He is calling us to do the same today. John 4

I Can't See It

If you have not had a chance to set some Growth Goals for the Community Group trimester, make sure to do that with your Community Group this week. There are some growth goal ideas included in the sermon discussion questions or you can’t print the list HERE and bring it to group. Set a goal, write it down, and ask each other about it through the trimester. It is one of the simplest ways of encouraging growth and seeing progress.

2019.01.27 - Drew Karschner - "I Can't See It" Division can be a tricky thing. We have a tendency to focus on the implications of our division and not the root of that division. If we want to understand why we are divided, it starts by understanding where division truly comes from. Galatians 5

Approach Trumps Content

If you didn’t get a chance to review the Beginning of Trimester Group Agreement last week, you can access that below. Make sure to review that as you begin the trimester to make sure everyone is on the same page.

2019.01.20 - Drew Karschner - "Approach Trumps Content" Each local church has its own unique way of doing things. Location, beliefs, culture, and values are all contributing factors to the small and big things that make them who they are. This week we will answer the question of why we as Northridge approach church the way we do. 1 Corinthians 9:20-22

Trust The Process

Included below are Week 1 details to cover with your group, like the group agreement, volunteer schedules, and overview of how groups work to help new people get acquainted with group. The notes also include the sermon discussion questions for this week.

2019.01.13 - Drew Karschner - "Trust the Process" Discipleship doesn’t just happen, it takes discipline and hard work. As a church, we aim to help grow and connect people through a process. But every process comes with questions, and we want to answer those for you. Acts 2:42-47

New Year. New You

2018.12.30 - Graham Spruill - "New Year, New You" What comes to mind when you think of the word 'discipline'? The truth is, at some level, we all long to be disciplined but we don't like the process. This is also true when it comes to our spiritual lives. This message seeks to turn the drudgery of discipline into genuine delight. Ephesians 1:15-19

The Kings Competition

2018.12.23 - Drew Karschner - "The King’s Competition" When Jesus was born He entered another King’s territory. Herod was king of that time and region and when he got word a new King was born it threatened all he had worked for. Herod hoped and worked for temporary things, but Jesus came to give us a greater hope, a hope in a life that would never fade. Matthew 2

The King's Ransom

2018.12.16 - Drew Karschner - "The King’s Ransom" When it comes to having a baby there are certain standards that parents must follow. It was the same for Jesus in his time. Joseph and Mary had to follow the Old Testament law when Jesus was born, and during this event in Jesus’ life, we see a clue into who Jesus really was and what he came to do. Luke 2:21-24

The King's Ultimatum

2018.12.09 - Drew Karschner - "The King’s Ultimatum" Jesus never shied away from who He was. He claimed to be the Son of God and that angered many religious people. And with His claim, He gave people a choice. It was clear and simple: believe what He said or reject it. There has never been a middle ground. Luke 4:14-15