How To Ensure Summer Gatherings Are A Success

After this week there are just 2 weeks remaining of our Community Group trimester.

In my experience, groups that don't set a plan for the summer before the group trimester ends, don't end up connecting in the summer.

Here are 2 reminders to help make sure your summer gatherings are a success, relationships continue to grow, and your group members don't fall off the cliff in their walk with God.

1. Put Your Summer Gatherings on the Calendar This Week

Decide as leaders what you'd like your group to do for the summer. Instead of trying to decide as a group during the meeting, lead your group by coming up with a plan and presenting it to them next week. You can always make adjustments later based on their feedback.

A great goal for groups is to meet at least 1 time each month. It could be a BBQ on the night you normally do group, lunch after a Sunday morning service, attending a Night of Worship together, going to a Summer festival or holiday parade, Food Truck Rodeo, and the list could go on.

Put it on the calendar, and share the plan with your group next week, then email out the dates to your group members.

2. Replace Weekly Meetings with One on One Connections

Summer provides a needed break to our calendars, but also freedom to develop relationships outside of group meetings.

Meeting with 8-16 people in group each week can make it a challenge to figure out what is really happening below the surface in the lives of the people in your group. 

  • Are they having issues in their dating relationship or marriage? 

  • Have they truly understood and embraced the Gospel? 

  • Is there a habit that is causing damage? 

  • Are they battling with unmentioned anxiety or depression? 

Grabbing coffee, breakfast, or having someone over for dinner, can provide you an opportunity to grow in friendship and trust, and to help your group members talk through issues that group meetings only scratch.

As you grow in friendship with individual group members, they are also more likely to engage in whole group gatherings.

Summer is almost here. Enjoy the break from the weekly grind while taking advantage of this season's opportunities to cultivate relationships.

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Jason DeGraaff

Community Groups Pastor

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