10 Simple Ideas to Connect With Your Group This Summer

As of Monday, Summer has officially begun. The kids are finally out of school, Father’s Day celebrations are complete, and the 4th of July is right around the corner.

As you gear up for summer vacation, holiday gatherings, travel plans, graduation parties, weddings, and trying to figure out your kid’s summer schedules, you may be reminded that it has been 3 or 4 weeks since you have seen or connected with most of your Community Group.

Instead of feeling guilty about your lack of connection, enjoy the needed break. It is okay to take a step back for a while, soak in the warm weather, kickback and relax.

Enjoying the Community Group break though doesn’t mean you have to disconnect. There are many simple ways you can connect with your group this summer that won’t take extensive planning.

Here Are 10 Simple Ways To Connect:

1. Catch A Movie Under The Moonlight - Head to the Drive-In Theater in Avon.

2. Backyard BBQ - Grill up some meat, play a lawn game, or toss a frisbee.

3. Play With Fire - Who doesn’t love a late night Summer bonfire with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup s'more?

4. Get Wet - The weather and the water are just about the right temperature to take a dip in a group member's pool, or to go swimming or boating in Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes, or the Irondequoit Bay.

5. Do An After Church Picnic - Pick up some sandwiches and drinks as you leave your campus and head to the nearest park.

6. Grab Some Grub At The Food Truck Rodeo -  Get a taste of the local cuisine every other Wednesday night at the Public Market throughout the summer.

7. Ice Cream!!! - Eat it with other people. That’s all I need to say about that.

8. Festival It Up - There are 2 seasons in Rochester: Winter and Festival Season.  Check out this full list of Rochester Summer Festivals and Events.

9. Connect 1 on 1 - Instead of trying to coordinate meeting with everyone, occasionally grab breakfast or coffee with an individual group member.

10. Send A Text - This takes the least amount of time, but is a great reminder for those in your group that you have not forgotten them and are praying for them.

4 Reminders As You Reach Out To Your Group: 

1. Not Everyone Will Be Able To Make It.  That is okay. Enjoy the time you have with those who do.

2. Invite Someone On Your Pi2 List. This may be one of the safest ways to connect your neighbor, co-worker, family members, friends, or that new guest at Northridge with others who love Jesus.

3. Nothing Beats Informal Connections. Connections outside of group meetings are one of the best ways to build memories, deepen friendships, and develop trust for long term spiritual influence.

4. Enjoy The Break!!! Connect when you can but take some time to breath, take a nap, and enjoy the Summer!

Have any questions for your group coach? We’d love to connect with you this summer.  Let us know.