9 Tips to Finishing Group Well

Another year of Community Group has come and gone. Next week we wrap up our Community Group year.

As we finish up the group year, here are 9 tips to help ensure the spiritual health of each group attendee and the future success of your group.

1. Celebrate Wins

A great way to finish the group year is to take time in your group for everyone to share 1 way they have seen God at work in their life over this last year though a specific circumstance, relationship, discipline, ministry, or helpful teaching.

2. Share a Meal

Is it possible to have a party without food? Go all out for your last night of group with the biggest feast you have had all year. Make it a party your group won't forget.

3. Celebrate Communion

As mentioned last week, at the center of Christian community is the Gospel. Take some time in your last meeting to celebrate and remember the Gospel that unites us together.  HERE are some instructions to help you lead that time well.

4. Get Feedback

Your group members may have some great insights to help your group continue to be an environment where people are loved, cared for, and are excited to share life together. Bring copies of the  End of Trimester Feedback forms and have group members fill them out during group.

5. Identify Future Leaders

There are 2 primary characteristics of good leaders: love for God and love for people.

If they are growing in their relationship with God and are good with people, they may be great future leaders in your group.

Write their names down, discuss them with your coleaders and coach, pray for them, and invite them to attend the Fall Community Group Leader Training on September 11th.

6. Talk about multiplication

Remind your group that your goal is to grow personally and to eventually make space for others to join group; "At one point someone made room in their group for us to experience community and we want to do the same for others." Whether your group just multiplied or you've been together for a while, set a date for multiplication and keep reminding your group of our mission to make more and better followers of Jesus.

7. Plan Summer Social Events

Is there a better time of year in Rochester than the summer? Get outside and enjoy some time with your group.  Put a few dates on the calendar now and share them with your group in your final meeting.

8. Stay In Touch

Community Group's are ending for the summer but community never ends. Make sure to stay in touch over the summer. It may be a facebook post, a text, or it may be coffee or breakfast with one or two people in your group.

9. Enjoy the Break

We plan breaks from group for a reason. Enjoy some time to rest, hang out with your family or friends, enjoy the extra night in, or travel.  It is okay to stop or to say no to an invite and not have to feel guilty about it. Use this summer to recharge and grow more in love with Jesus.

Have a great summer!  See you at the Group Leader Picnic on Saturday, June 4th. RSVP HERE

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