4 Reminders For The End of Group

Hooray, you did it!!! This is the last week of the Community Group season!

As a Group Leader right now you may be thinking, "The group season is over, bummer, we were just beginning to gain traction and connection with our group, I'm sad to see it end."

For others you may be thinking, "This couldn't have come soon enough! I'm exhausted, no one even texts me when they are not showing up to group, and the people in my group are driving me crazy."

Each group has it seasons. And this group season is at its end.

As we wrap up this group year, as Coaches we want to say thanks for your prayers, sacrifice, investment, diligence, love and care for the people God has brought into your group this year.

We also wanted to leave you with a couple last reminders to finish strong:

1. End with a meal. 

It's a great way to cap off the group year.

2. Get Feedback. 

Print and handout End of Trimester feedback forms or just hand out 3x5 cards so you can hear from your group members what adjustments you might consider making for next season.

3. Share your Summer Plans. 

Share which dates you plan to get together as a group this Summer. You don't have to decide what you'll do on those dates yet, just give them the dates.

4. Enjoy the break. 

You deserve it!

See you at the Redwings Game on May 31st!

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Jason DeGraaff

Community Groups Pastor

Life is better connected!