2018.05.13 - Aaron Hixson - "Gifted" Part 2 of the "Sacred Rhythms" series It seems like our culture is obsessed with "changing the world," whatever that means. Yet for most of us, we're too busy trying to stay alive to worry about fixing global problems. But what if it turned out that each one of us possesses something that is VITAL to the future success of God's mission on earth? And what if we kept that power to ourselves? This Sacred Rhythm is all about discovering our unique capacity and how holding it back might just be stealing from the church. 1 Peter 4:10

Love Does

2017.10.08 - Drew Karschner - "Love Does" Love might be one of the most overused, yet least understood, words in the English dictionary. We often think of love as a feeling, but love is a decision followed by action. One question you might have is this: Since the world we live in is so large, how can we really show our love? How do we get beyond our walls and neighborhoods and truly love like Christ commands us? Matthew 22:36-40