The 2 Best Words to Boost Discussion

Asking good questions is part of facilitating a great group discussion.  The facilitator asks a question and a group member (or hopefully members) respond.  We want the discussion to go well and for group members to share their honest thoughts.  Quite often we tend to ask follow up questions in an attempt to dig a bit deeper or encourage group members to share more, and this can certainly be effective.  

However, there are two simple words we can use in almost any discussion to help the conversation go deeper (and it eliminates the need for us to come up with a follow up question).  Are you ready?  Here they are:

"Go on."

These two little words can communicate big messages to the person speaking.  "Go on" can imply:

  • I'm interested in what you're saying
  • You're on the right track
  • This is the kind of discussion we're aiming for
  • I want to hear more
  • I can tell you have more thoughts about this
  • What you're thinking matters here

So... go on.  Try it out.  Try using "Go on" in your discussions.  These 2 little words just might transform your next discussion (and you won't even have to think up a good follow up question).