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The Top 2 Things Group Members Wish Were Different About Your Group

Every June we send out an end-of-the-year Community Group survey to all of our Community Group members and leaders.  You have probably filled out one of these surveys. This survey provides valuable feedback so we can improve our group environments.

We take all of the results of the survey and summarize the comments to look for trends we should address.

I wanted to share with you the top 2 issues group attendees wished were different about their group.

#1 - More Social Gatherings

This was the number one thing group members wished was different about their group. 

One of the most significant ways to increase our influence in another person's life is by developing a closer friendship with them.  

We can't be best friends with everyone in group, but the more opportunities we take as a group to connect with each other, the more people will feel like they belong. When belonging grows people are more likely to participate and share what is really happening in their lives.

What is one thing your group can do to develop deeper connections outside of group?

- A guys or girls night or breakfast
- A Thanksgiving dinner
- A Christmas party
- Serving together (www.NorthridgeServes.com)
- Grabbing lunch after Sunday services
- Checking out a local venue like Radio Social

Put a date on your calendar now before the your holiday calendar fills up.

#2 - Starting and Ending On Time

This is the second most common issue that group members wish was different about their group. 

When someone shows up to group and they are unsure when it is going to end, they may be less likely to attend the following week. They may have to get up early for work or school, the kids need to get to bed, they have homework they need to finish up, or maybe they just want to get home to watch their favorite show. Whatever the case, this is a frequent frustration group members feel.

What can you do to better ensure your group starts and ends on time?

- Agree on the starting and ending time and remind your group regularly throughout the trimester.
- Set a schedule for group: When should everyone show up, and when to start and end the icebreaker, group discussion, and prayer time.
- Ask a group member to be a time keeper with the agreed upon schedule.
- Break into smaller prayer groups so you don't need to get through as many prayer requests.
- Try using prayer cards to keep group prayer time focused.

What does your group need to work on? 
What have you found helpful for your group to connect together or start and end on time?  
We'd love to learn from you!  

Jason DeGraaff    Community Groups Pastor    Life is Better Connected

Jason DeGraaff

Community Groups Pastor

Life is Better Connected


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