Why Don't We Pray for Our Community Group?

Do you pray for your Community Group? 

If we are honest, many of us would say no, or at least we might say that our prayers for our Community Group members are inconsistent at best. 

Why is that? 

Is it because we don't care enough for our group members or believe strongly enough in the power of prayer? More often than not, we fail to pray because we fail to plan. 

What is your plan for praying for your group members? If you don't have a plan, dropping the "I'll pray for you" line during group time likely means your prayers for them end when your group prayer time ends. The next time you'll pray for them is at Community Group next week. 

Okay, many of us are guilty of this, but let's not stay stuck in our guilt about our lack of prayer for our Community Group. Let's do something about it. 

Here are a few ideas we have learned from visiting groups and interacting with group leaders over the years. Maybe one of these may be helpful for you. 

5 Plans To Pray For Your Community Group

  1. Set a Daily Reminder on Your Smartphone. Using your calendar or a reminder app, you can set a reminder to pray for your group as a whole or specific people in your group.

  2. Pick a Prayer Partner at Group. When everyone shares their prayer requests during group prayer time, decide on partners who will touch base with each other throughout the week.
  3. Write Down Prayer Requests on Paper. Write prayer requests on a postcard or a small notebook that you can carry with you throughout the day. If you don't see it regularly, it probably won't be a good reminder.
  4. Email Prayer Requests. Record prayer requests during group time and email them out to all of the guys or all of the girls. Hit send during your prayer time so you don't forget.
  5. Assign Group Members to Specific Leaders. Praying for everyone in your group might be too overwhelming. By assigning specific group members it allows you to focus on praying and caring for a few people.

What is your plan for praying for your Community Group? 

As we pray for our group, God uses our prayers to increase our love for our group members, and he also uses our prayers to change their hearts.

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