Why & How to Share Facilitation

One of the most intimidating roles in a Community Group is facilitating discussion. Because of that group leaders often fail to share facilitation fearing it is too difficult or important of a role for other group members. 

5 Ways Failing to Share Facilitation Limits Your Group

  1. Facilitation is seen as something only group leaders can do

  2. Fewer people get in the game and develop facilitation skills

  3. People who are great question askers are stuck on the sidelines

  4. People are too intimidated to consider group leadership because they don't think they could lead good discussions

  5. Groups are unable to multiply for lack of new leaders

The goal of group discussion is not teaching but application. Anyone can ask questions about how to apply the Bible to our lives. 

So, how do you share facilitation with your group members? 

3 Ideas for Sharing Facilitation

  1. Schedule a different person to facilitate discussion each week.

    • Hand out the schedule the first week of group and let people know you'd like everyone or almost everyone to facilitate discussion in group.

    • Let them know that all they need to do is read questions off a piece of paper.

    • Communicate with them that if they are not comfortable leading discussion to have a conversation with you after group.

  2. Send Group Facilitation Guide

    • We have put together a short 1 page Facilitation Guide to email to your leaders the week before they facilitate discussion. This guide includes everything they need to know to lead discussion their first time. 

    • Here is a suggested email to send group members before they facilitate.

  3. Followup After Meeting

    • After group, follow up with the person who facilitated discussion to celebrate and affirm them. Most of us are anxious about doing something new, especially talking in front of others. So do all that you can to encourage and thank them.

    • If you have any suggestions, limit them to one or two at the most.

    • They mostly just need your affirmation that they can do it and they did a good job.

If you have further questions about how to share facilitation in your group, let your group coach know. The more people we can get into the game the better.