4 Things To Know & Do Before Groups Begin

Our ReGroup Leader Kickoff (RSVP HERE) is in 2 weeks and our Community Group Trimester starts in 3 weeks.  As you think through plans for your Community Group this fall I wanted to share 4 things to know and do before your first meeting.

1. Curriculum Plan - Portraits of a King

A few times a year we do an "all-play" in Community Groups where we ask all of our groups to discuss the same curriculum. As you may have heard about on Sunday, we are rolling out a new series on September 16th called "Portraits of a King" as we take a look at the life of King David. We would like all of our groups to discuss this 6-week series this fall. This series will include on-location video footage from Israel and a series booklet for you and your group. 

More details to come at Re:Group.

2. Men of Northridge Saturday Morning Event - Saturday, September 15th 7:00-8:00AM

Men, we need to meet! Join other men for one hour to study God's word, talk about man things, and pray together.  We will have coffee & donuts.  This would be a great event to attend and invite the men from your Community Group to join you. This would be a great event to attend and invite the men from your Community Group to check out. 

More details to come in our weekly Equip email and Equip website.

3. Serving Opportunities - NYM Opportunity

Are you interested in finding a serving opportunity for your Community Group this fall? NYM (Northridge Youth Ministry) is looking for a few groups to help provide childcare for our Youth Leaders on Wednesday nights. This allows those Youth Leaders to invest in the lives and faith of our students. Your group could pick a Wednesday night they want to serve and connect with our Youth Staff to schedule your group. Contact Graham Spruill - gspruill@NorthridgeRochester.com  

For other serving opportunities check out www.NorthridgeServes.com.

4. Updating Group Description on Group Finder

This Sunday we will begin promoting Community Groups. As people look for groups on our Group Finder website, you'll want to make sure your group description, day, time, and childcare details are up-to-date.  You can update you group details here: https://northridge.groupvitals.com/ 

Need an update on how to use our groups database?  Watch this video:

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Jason DeGraaff

Community Groups Pastor

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