Sharing Your Story In Group

Looking for a good way to get to know the people in your group? Several groups have found it helpful to provide a list of questions for their group members to answer. Each group member can pick the ones they want to answer, and then share their answers in a group meeting.


  • Each person who is sharing should circle 8-12 questions from the list below or generate their own questions.

  • Attempt to have a balance between “fun” questions and questions that allow us to really “get to know” you.

  • Bring the questions to group with you on the week that you will be sharing your story.

  • Someone else in group will ask you some or all of the questions that you have chosen.

  • For each person, we’ll take about 10 minutes at the beginning of group to ask your questions and listen to your response.

  • We will also save a few minutes at the end for open questions from the group.

  • We’ll also pray for you at the end, so please bring any prayer requests you’d like us to pray for.