4 Ways To Make The Most Of The Summer

Next week is the last official week of the Community Group year.

As a Group Leader, how can you make the most of the summer?

Enjoy the break

  • We take breaks for a reason:

    • We need rest. God established a pattern of resting, we'd be wise to follow it.

    • It maintains momentum. Trying to push everyone to meet weekly with no breaks ends up burning you and your group members out. Breaks build excitement for the next season of group.

Stay Connected

  • What's your plan for staying connected to your group this summer? If it doesn't end up on the calendar, it's probably not gonna happen.

  • Set a goal of 1 social gathering each month.

    • Example: Reserve the 3rd week of the month and do a social gathering on the night your group typically meets. It could be a BBQ, Festival, Bonfire, etc.
  • Here is a list of Summer Social Ideas.

Attend an Equip Class Together

  • We have our largest ever line-up of Summer Equip classes. Pick a class or two and invite your group members to join you.

  • Summer Equip Classes (Click HERE for dates):

    • Lost in Translation, Part 2

    • Financial Peace University

    • 1 Peter Women's Bible Study

    • The Tech-Wise Family

    • Doctrine of Christ

    • Uncommon Allies: How Faith and Science are Actually Friends

    • Hermeneutics: The Science of Interpretation

    • Art of Marriage

    • Introducing Islam

Set Your Group Up To Succeed This Fall

  • Communication is key to a healthy group. Let people know what's coming so they can plan ahead and be prepared for what's next.
  • Make sure to communicate the following details this week to your group:
    • Your summer social plan.
    • The fall start date (September 16th).
    • Multiplication plans.
    • Invite potential leaders to check out leadership by attending the Fall Leader Training (Sunday night, September 9)

Enjoy the summer!

Group may be on break but we as your Group Coaches are ready to help whenever you need. Give us a call, send us a text, we'd love to connect with you!


Jason DeGraaff

Community Groups Pastor

Life Is Better Connected


Have you RSVP'd for the Red Wings Game?

We want to say thank you for your investment in your group members this year! RSVP below for you and your family for free Red Wings Tickets and food for the June 9th game at 7:05PM.

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