In God We Trust?

It’s one thing to say we trust God, it’s another thing to live as if we do. Is it possible that it’s easier to trust God with our eternity than in the day- to-day? If so, what keeps us from trusting God, and how do we grow to trust Him more? In this breakout we’ll wrestle with this tension and give practical tips to help us to authentically say, “In God we trust.”

Increasing Your Personal Desire To Pursue Christ

If you’ve ever found yourself at a place where your desire to pursue Christ was not all it should be (or maybe you’re there right now), you’re not alone. We’ll discover why this is actually a fairly common experience in the life of a believer, and some practical ways to set desire for Christ in motion.

The Best Thing I Ever Did To Grow Spiritually

Everyone is wired differently, but there are struggles we all have in common. Do you ever feel like the time you spend in God’s Word isn’t helpful? Do you ever feel like you’re “wandering” through your reading, and just trying to focus for more than a few seconds? This breakout won’t fix those problems. But it will introduce you to the tool that changed the game for me - it’s the most important part of my spiritual growth process, and this breakout will lay out WHY it’s awesome for me, and HOW you could get started with it.

Why Technology Is Irresistible (And How You Can Resist It)

What are the top five companies in the world? Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. All five cooperate with one goal in mind - stealing your time and attention. Why is technology so addictive? How can we push back and find the time, energy and space for what truly matters?

How To Have "The Talk:" Overcoming Dread and Delay of Crucial Conversations

We will share tools and approaches that prepare for emotionally charged conversations. We will introduce strategies to transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue, making it safe to talk about almost anything. We will share ways to be persuasive without being abrasive.

Tough One: Handling the Person Who Refuses to Change

Admit it! There are times as a leader you are frustrated with an individual who you feel you've poured loads of energy and attention into, but who doesn't seem particularly interested in changing. What is a leader to do with these individuals in their group? And what are the expectations on you as a leader for dealing with them? In this breakout we will explore how to handle those who show little or no progress in their spiritual lives.

Groupology - 5 Theological Truths Group Leaders Should Have Down Cold

Theology can be an intimidating topic, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, to be an effective group leader, there are just some pieces of doctrine that are indispensable. In this breakout we'll take a look at five of the most crucial theological concepts anyone seeking to care for others simply must understand.

How To Address Unhealthy Dating Relationships

What do you do when someone in your group makes a bad relationship decision? Whether it is dating an unbeliever, living with their boyfriend, sleeping with their girlfriend, or dating while in the process of getting a divorce. This breakout will give you a Biblical framework for how to think about these issues and practical steps on how to carefully address them with the members of your group.