Insider Update - What's Coming Up?

Summer is in full swing! I hope you enjoyed your July 4th festivities!

As the core of our church, we want you to be the first one's to get the inside scoop of what is happening at Northridge and what we have coming up.

So here are a few things to keep you "in-the-know."

Summer Groups

As Matt mentioned in his sermon yesterday on the importance of Biblical Community, we are beginning Summer Groups at each of our campuses beginning this month.

Summer Groups are led by our groups coaches. They provide an opportunity for those who are new to Northridge to connect in a 4-week group during our summer Community Group break. The goal is to give people taste of Biblical community and then connect them into a Community Group in the fall.

Sermon Series Calendar

8/4 - 9/1 | Verified.

A 5-week series teaching through the book of 1 John and what verifies our faith in Christ.

9/8 - 9/29 | God's Will.

A 4-week series teaching through how and where to discover and follow God's will.

10/6 - 11/25 | Paul.

An 8-week series teaching through the life of the Apostle Paul.
This will be similar to the series we did on King David last fall and will incorporate a multitude of resources:

  • historical background

  • additional Biblical insights

  • daily devotionals

  • sermon notes

  • discussion questions

  • and more

We think this will be an incredible resource and series for you and your group to dig into the Bible, engage with it throughout the week, and help each other apply it in our lives!

Community Group Dates

9/8 | Re:Group - Fall Group Leader Kick-off (5PM-7:15PM)

9/15 - 11/23 | Fall Community Group Trimester (10 Weeks)

Additional Resources

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What's Next For Your Group?


Search this website or contact your Group Coach. We'd love to be a resource to you!


Jason DeGraaff

Community Groups Pastor

Life is better connected!